3ds chat room for sex


The Bullying Intervention Group (BIG) have a huge amount of information and resources available for young people, parents and professionals.

But can sex offenders use them to have contact with minors and/or access pornography? Contact with Minors A 2008 Pew Research study noted “For most teens, gaming is a social activity and a major component of their overall social experience.” The study provided some stats on this. The same study noted: You got real numbers on that? So is it possible for a sex offender to have contact with a minor through a gaming console? Accessing Pornography Okay, so a sex offender can play a game with a minor. It’s not like they can forward them pornography or send them a picture of themselves?

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A Parent's Guide to Technology is an online resource providing advice for parents about the benefits, capabilities and potential risks of smartphones, gaming devices, tablets and internet-enabled media players.

It introduces some of the most popular devices, such as the Black Berry, i Phone, i Pod Touch and 3DS, highlighting safety tools that are available, as well as setting out top tips to help parents encourage their children to stay safe when using these technologies.

Technology and social media offer exciting new opportunities but there are some risks and challenges to consider too.

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