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He went to medical school at UC San Francisco and now raises money for pancreatic cancer research in honor of a beloved uncle who died of the disease.He volunteers to treat uninsured patients in Honolulu, and he recently traveled to Laos to minister to underprivileged villagers.On November 13, 2007, he told Honolulu, Hawaii's ABC TV affiliate KITV that he was shortly to be deployed to Bahrain.The "Marianas Variety," Micronesia's leading newspaper, recorded that LCDR Andy Baldwin "is part of the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command (JPAC) team conducting recovery operations in Palau." Andy Baldwin is the son of Roy Eugene Baldwin, Jr., a former two-term Pennsylvania State Representative (R-97th District), and Cynthia Laulani Baldwin, a high school mathematics teacher.franchises, we decided to take a look back at all of the contestants who came before her season to see how they fared in love and luck.(Hint: The show's record is even worse than we imagined.) Here's a comprehensive history of every couple to ever be born out of a final rose.

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Coincidentally, Baldwin’s former girlfriend, Kerry Phyilliaer, was a contestant on the fourth season of the show.

READ MORE Yeah, working out in public outside the Abbey bar in West Hollywood is pretty ridiculous, but damn doesn't former "Bachelor" Lt. READ MORE It was widely reported that former "Bachelor" hunk, Navy Lt.

Andy Baldwin, was doing his patriotic duty by trading his civilian Speedos to fight in Iraq. READ MORE Back from his tour in Iraq, "Bachelor" stud Lt.

During high school, he played basketball, tennis, football, baseball, and was an All-American swimmer. READ MORE Taking a cue from the Spencer and Heidi school of photo-ops, the "Bachelor" and Marla Maples giggle and point for the cameras.

He was named "Bachelor" Andy Baldwin, former meth-addict/"Baywatch" star Jeremy Jackson and "True Blood" hunk Mehcad Brooks all flaunted their glistening chests after completing a triathlon this weekend in… Andy Baldwin --not of the Billy, Alec, Criminal, and Goofy-faced…

Andy Baldwin Biography: Born on February 5, 1977, Lt. He studied at Duke University on a full ROTC scholarship, and eventually earned a degree in Biology, with emphasis in genetics.

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