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Radar loops work best when your web browser has correct settings for checking web page timestamps of pages in its web cache. When 'Automatic' is available, do not choose Every-visit or Every-time or equivalent - it will generate too much web traffic, and time delays will disturb radar loops.

Try Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox or Opera, ...

Try running any of the Capital City radar loops, via the RADAR HOME PAGE link.

Read More We'll start the day with some patchy mid and high clouds and a tiny chance of a sprinkle, but the day overall should range between partly and mostly sunny, with warm temperatures but humidity a little on the low side. Only a few storms are showing up on Futurecast during the evening commute. Tomorrow should also be fairly dry before the pattern becomes stormier for the weekend. Only a few storms are showing up on Futurecast during the evening commute. You may see some patches of fog travelling to work and school this AM.

If any of these symptoms still occur on your PC, then change your time-check setting back to Once-per-session or equivalent.

To check your loops, do these steps: Do this Javascript Check.

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