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All types of dance backgrounds are encouraged to audition.Salsa, ballroom, hip hop, street dancing, contemporary, jazz, ballet and many other types of dancers can be seen auditioning for a chance to win a new Hybrid SUV, 0,000 in cash and a dancing role in Celine Dion’s Las Vegas show.An American Dancer, Benji Schwimmer is currently single after his break up with a girl who led her to participate in a dance show ‘So You Think You Can Dance’.After he returned from Mexico, he found that his girlfriend left him, so, he was inspired to participate.From the very early age of life, Benji was interested in pursuing a career as a dancer because he was raised with his father, a well-known experienced dancer Buddy Schwimmer, sister Lacey Schwimmer, and a cousin Heidi Groskreutz.Firstly, he joined high school in both Moreno Valley and Redlands, but, he gave priority to practical learning and left the school and became an independent student.Typically, I don’t have time to watch So You Think You Can Dance Canada where the primary judges were: Jean-Marc Généreux and Tré Armstrong.So once in a while a friend of mine would send me a video of another routine from another part of the world that would pique my interest some and then that was all.

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Ironically both were the second seasons of their respective series and both involve “power couples”.

The gentle hip-hop dancing we saw last week is gone, replaced with that rough aggressive street style Shane is known for. Donyelle is in a cool flapper outfit but Benji looks more like he’s an extra in Saturday Night Fever.

They are a little out of sync on this one, and Donyelle is not bringing her usual punch. A second version just in case: Benji & Donyelle Hip Hop Commentary: The dynamic duo is back together — Benji and Donyelle. All anachronisms aside, they do amazing as expected.

The last time this couple did a Broadway routine the earth practically stood still. The judges love it, except for some slight technical issues.

A second version just in case: Benji & Donyelle Broadway Here’s a list of the So You Think You Can Dance Tour Tickets even for sold out shows.

While the other two seasons had an insane number of Contemporary dancers in comparison to everyone else. but if the above routine is any indication I would love to see him try his hand on Broadway as well.

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