Biblical boundaries for dating

God's supreme worth is magnified manifoldly when our deep and lasting joy is in him. Wasn't I a sinner who had merely dabbled in theology? ) Hadn't I struggled through spiritually barren seasons of life?

Our ongoing aim as a people is to exalt Christ, to cherish Christ, to love Christ, to honor Christ, and to desire Christ above all else, thereby ensuring that God's great glory and the most exquisite pleasure of his people are inextricably intertwined. Didn't I wrangle and wrestle for countless hours to memorize just a couple of verses of Scripture?

The other definitions are found in Deuteronomy , Deuteronomy 1:7, Numbers 34:1–15, and Ezekiel –20.

They describe smaller territories (see the map included in this article).

Divorce has long term consequences and ramifications.

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I was a broken, broken young woman desperate to be loved, cared for, and cherished.

These friends should be those who “call on the Lord,” an expression for those who are saved (Acts ; Romans ).

These are other men and women who have also cried out to God for the forgiveness of their sin from a “pure” (genuine) heart.

These youthful lusts stubbornly cling to our heals. We are to “pursue,” that is, eagerly and swiftly run toward Christlikeness. We must not only run from lust and toward God’s vision for our lives, we must also run with our brothers and sisters with the same vision.

As we see these passions stirred in us, we must habitually flee from them. We must all find companions for this stretch of the road, those who share our faith and convictions, those in the common struggle for holiness.

I can’t describe the depth of pain and despair I found myself in at that time in my life.

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