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“And hopefully I’ve been a good example in terms of how I’ve shown respect to my wife.” But that’s not all it takes for the commander-in-chief to kick his feet up at the notion of his daughters going to the movies or dinner with a significant other.

“The other reason is because they have Secret Service,” Obama mentioned. These poor young men come by the house.” READ: President Obama Says He’s Going To “Terribly” Miss Malia When She Leaves For Harvard Malia, 18, is set to begin her collegiate career at Harvard University next year, while Sasha, 15, will continue her high school studies in Washington, D.

A Twitter user going by the handle @teethagoddess posted the photo, writing that the young man was her cousin, who was taking Sasha Obama as his date for her high school homecoming.

It seems to be a ‘normal teenagers’ week at the White House, as just about the same weekend, media reports emerged of Sasha’s older sister Malia Obama at a college party playing a drinking game.

So I don't worry about it because they're really solid, smart girls—young ladies now."And anyway, Obama has a fail-safe: "The other reason is because they've had Secret Service. These poor young men come by my house and….""They have no idea—" the radio host remarked."No, they have an idea. Meanwhile, hundreds of miles away, a bunch of hopeful guys shivered.

The commander-in-chief made an appearance on Raleigh, North Carolina, radio station WDCG, where he revealed that his two daughters have started "ditching" family dinners for dates, but said he's not too worried about their love lives. "I describe for them." While Malia and Sasha's dates might have trouble getting through the White House's front door, their celebrity crushes are another story.

This reportedly took place when Malia was on a college tour at Brown University.

First, he knows the girls, Sasha, 15, and Malia, 18, have a tremendous role model in their mother. While Sasha is still in high school, Malia has graduated and will begin college next fall at Harvard.

Speaking to Raleigh radio station WDGG last week, Obama said that the main reason he's not worrying about his girls is because of their mum – Michelle."She's such a great example of how she carries herself, her self-esteem not depending on boys to validate how you look or you know, not letting yourself be judged by anything other than your character and intelligence," Obama said of Michelle to whom he's been married for 24 years. These poor young men come by the house."READ MORE: * Malia Obama is off to Harvard, but first she's taking a gap year * Obama and daughters sneak into Broadway musical * Michelle Obama's social media challenge: her daughters * Malia Obama interns on Girls When asked if the "poor young men" have any idea what they're getting themselves into, Obama said, "Oh, they have an idea, I describe for them."The president also shared that over the last eight years, dinner-time with his wife and daughters was his "saving grace".And hopefully I’ve been a good example in terms of how I’ve shown respect to my wife.So I don’t worry about it because they’re really solid, smart girls — young ladies now.” OK, so he’s obviously the perfect dad — the perfect dad who feels totally confident that his daughters are under watchful eyes. In the meantime, he definitely just scared off countless hopeful young suitors, which was perhaps his secret intention after all (though we’re sure he’s kidding.) Still, though, President Obama wins dad of the year — although we have a feeling Malia and Sasha might disagree after that interview.When you’re the daughters of the President of the United States, dating will always be a challenge.That’s certainly the case for Malia and Sasha Obama, but their dad isn’t the challenge.Basic guys dreaming of dating Malia Obama can take a seat ...

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