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Knowing the limitations of this dating method can help avoid colossal archaeological misinterpretations that would otherwise distort history.Radiocarbon or C14 dating employs complex systems of measuring the unstable isotopes in once living matter.We present the results of the AMS radiocarbon dating analyses carried out on the organic remains extracted from the casting cores of the Riace bronzes, among the most famous and well preserved sculptures of the Greek-Classical period.

And it places an early appearance of the alphabet outside Phoenicia at around 740 B. Writing in two articles in the forthcoming issue of the journal (Dec.Bayesian modeling of the calibrated dates suggests that the cemetery was probably used over several generations mainly within the first 2 centuries of the 2nd millennium cal BC.Burial activity was therefore mainly restricted to within the EBA I B/EBA I C of the north Italian Bronze Age chronology.As plants enter the human and animal food chains the C14 dioxide enters their living tissue.The low amount of material needed for the measurements makes AMS radiocarbon a technique suitable for the dating of ancient bronze artefacts through the analysis of the organic residues contained into the casting cores.The sample selection and preparation protocols of the different kind of organic materials (charred wood, vegetal remains and animal hairs) are described as well as the interpretation of the results in the frame of the current dating hypotheses and available analytical information about the casting technology.

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