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It expresses a sense of balance and satisfaction with having your needs met without needing excess.

You can fika with colleagues at work or even fika with your family. Doesn’t have to involve food, but it involves good feelings and happiness. Pilkunnussija A great Finnish word, literally: a comma fucker. Linslus A Swedish word, meaning ‘lens louse’ – Someone who always wants to have their face in a photo. But as far as we could work out, you can only scrump apples. Slutspurt The Danish word for ‘clearance sale’ (you can find this one almost always somewhere written largely across the store’s front windows). Klämdag Swedish word, literally meaning Squeeze Day.

So, it's not necessarily a lights-down-sexy answer to get this problem licked as yet.

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A newly-released World Health Organization (WHO) report on sexual habits among teenagers in 26 European countries reveals that German teens are quick off the mark when it comes to losing their cherry; the average age at which Germans -- both boys and girls -- first have sex is 16.2.The report reveals that 33.5 percent of 15-year-old girls in Germany have had sex, while only 22.5 percent of boys of that age have divested themselves of their virginal status. German parents worried that little Wolfgang and Katja are embracing their sexuality (and each other) too soon may take some solace in the report's findings that at least German teens are careful.The study shows that 94.9 percent of 15-year-old German girls used contraception the last time they had sex, compared to a slightly more lackadaisical 87.7 percent of boys.This week it's all about sex — or rather, a lack of it —and what appears to be a trend in countries encouraging their populations to rise up and put their backs into it. Spain this week announced it has appointed a Sex Tsar, who will be charged with addressing the country's "catastrophically low" birth rate.Young Spanish couples are apparently too tired to give a ....Only teenagers in Iceland lose their virginity earlier, at an average age of 15.7.

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