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One of six children, Harbert grew up immersed in television, and aspired to a career in the industry while still a child.In a 2005 article in Advertising Age, Harbert wrote, “I started poring over the ratings in Nielsen 'Pocket Pieces' when I was 9 years old." data-reactid="22" WATCH: Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Play Charades Against Jimmy Fallon and Chelsea Handler!Currently single, the candid entertainer admitted she doesn't want to get married, enjoys one-night stands, likes "young guys, 25-30," and needs more sex because "there are no men in L.In 2006, he was promoted to the newly created position of president and CEO at the Comcast Entertainment Group, overseeing E!, Style Network, G4, Comcast International Media Group, and Comcast Entertainment Productions.“Her show was just a little show that people weren’t watching yet and then the show blew up and she just didn’t respond to any of my emails anymore.” Before then, the former writer said that working on the show was fun despite her boss being a little daunting. Handler shot back and angrily told her side of the story to told radio hosts Jenny Mc Carthy and Howard Stern yesterday. She would only say that on the radio,” she told Mc Carthy.

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“I would consider her one of my best friends and we hung out a lot. She does tend to, I don’t know if you call it dump people, but just move on.Handler, 34, and Harbert, 55, reportedly began their relationship after the comedienne’s E!“I actually don’t talk to Chelsea anymore because I think I’m one of the people she quote, ‘dumped.’ I haven’t talked to her since I left the show,” she said. Its like ok, ‘I don’t want anything to do with you anymore.’ I can only surmise that’s what it is.” Since accepting another job, Sundstedt confessed to trying to reach Handler and rekindle their once-thriving friendship.“I left the show to go do another job and she got very busy and she got famous. She hired her for seven years and if it wasn’t for her, I don’t think Heather would be in the position she’s in,” she told Radar. I think if she had any indication that was going to happen she wouldn’t have said what she said,” she explained to Radar. Yeah it is the news of the week and I guess Heather—now everybody knows who she is.Prior to me leaving she wasn’t famous yet,” she somberly recalled to Radar. “You know I’m friends with Heather so I don’t want to badmouth her or anything but reading that Chelsea said Heather sold tabloid stories is pretty sh**ty.” Nonetheless, Lundstedt said she believes that her former co-worker had no idea that her comments about Handler would become a major headline, but the showdown may have been exactly what she wanted. It probably helped her career.” As Radar previously reported, Mc Donald went on with Theo Von & Matthew Cole Weiss and said that her former boss was scary and was in the wrong for not telling employees when she left the show."I feel like it's gross and I feel like it's not a good message to girls. But that would also explain his behavior for a long time. I'm trying to be stupid." WATCH: Chelsea Handler Says Jennifer Aniston ' Doesn't Care' About Brangelina's Divorce" data-reactid="29" icon Florence Henderson, who died on Nov. The pair hung out an awards show two months ago, during which Henderson suggested they have a drink."I was like, 'They don't have alcohol here,' and she said, 'But if you ask them, they'll bring it to you.' So I did, and they brought me a bottle and then she drank with me the whole night. She was like, 83 and totally with it, cool and funny!

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