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Gandhi’s high-caliber clientele (which includes Harpo and media executives, notable physicians and surgeons, and University of Chicago and NYU professors) typically aim for a date or two per week, which requires plenty of preparation.

“You need to send out three to five e-mails a day to leverage yourself into dates, meet people in everyday life, and leverage your networks to get with good people,” she advises.

In a city with nearly three million people, it can be daunting to find a suitable date for Valentine’s Day, let alone “the one.” But Smart Dating Academy founder Bela Gandhi is Chicago’s answer to Cupid, and the woman The Huffington Post has deemed “the fairy godmother of dating” is on a mission to make it easier for singles to meet their match.

Smart Dating Academy’s newest campaign, Three Foolproof Ways to Find Love in 2013—which Gandhi refers to as “the land-a-man plan” for women—centers on a trifecta of tactics to leverage fruitful dating both on- and offline.

She has also been a matchmaker since 2003, and set up thousands of professional clients on dates that led to marriage.

Lindsay graduated from Washington University in St.

We offer a personalized Chicago matchmaking service designed to fit your needs.Gandhi has also developed a tool to help identify “superconnectors,” who have the power to pair great couples, and she has implemented a 360 Feedback program, in which she corresponds with five different friends of clients to help answer the question, “Why hasn’t your friend met his or her ideal partner?” “I always say, ‘Successful dating begins and ends in your mind,’” declares Gandhi, who compiles data in reports that she often shares with clients at her regular table at Allium at the Four Seasons Hotel.We do it for you, and qualify the person before we make the introduction.We invest the time to carefully select a successful, commitment-minded catch,” who shares that “spark.” Exclusive Matchmaking also offers full confidentiality.Bela has two degrees from The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Finance & German), and has been happily married for 20 years with 2 children.

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