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Aaron Pryor was avoided, addicted and brilliant during a career that careened from comedy to tragedy with stops in crack houses and pizza parlours.Pryor died on Sunday, aged 60 and he had been clean for nearly 25 years, but his trail of utter destruction on both sides of the ropes would be grim reading if he showed up in crime fiction.Donald Trump may be President of the United States but he most certainly didn't win thanks to the Hollywood vote with several A-listers candidly speaking out against the Republican.Jack Black can be added to the list, choosing to criticise Trump in a more madcap manner.Apart from 2 and 5, all prime numbers have to end in 1, 3, 7 or 9 so that they can’t be divided by 2 or 5.So if the numbers occurred randomly as expected, it wouldn’t matter what the last digit of the previous prime was.Their properties have baffled number theorists for centuries, but mathematicians have usually felt safe working on the assumption they could treat primes as if they occur randomly.

Perhaps due to our love-hate relationship with dating apps, millennials are 125 per cent more likely to admit they’re addicted to dating than older generations.When Pryor turned professional in 1976 he was in many ways a failed amateur talent, a man that just missed out on two Olympic qualifiers and that meant he was fighting for peanuts in lost locations.He quickly did a deal with Cincinnati’s lord of the pizza, Buddy La Rosa; it was a horrible deal for Pryor, but he needed the regular income.Also last month, seven prominent Palestinian journalists from Shehab News Agency and Quds News Network, both in the West Bank, temporarily had their Facebook accounts suspended in what Facebook later said was an error.While both outlets have been accused of having extremist links, the individual journalists involved again denied that their work had anything to do with inciting terrorism.Understandably, 75 per cent of people would be turned off if their date answered their phone with no explanation, but 41 per cent even think it’s rude if you take your phone to the loo with you (how else are we supposed to update our friends though? The findings emerged from Match’s seventh annual Singles in America report which surveyed over 5,500 adults between the ages of 18 and 70.

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