Dating a non salsa dancer


This is a couples only 101 introduction class for the absolute non-dancer.

It is a well-known fact that there are a lot of people who start dance to meet people – with an eye towards dating.

They don’t stick around trying to get my digits or take me home—BECAUSE DANCING TOGETHER DOES NOT ALWAYS MEAN YOU ARE TRYING TO SLEEP TOGETHER.

In the case of me and La Quinn, we just like to dance together.

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me if my dance partner and I are dating, I would assuredly be making more money than I do as a professional dancer.

There are a lot of people who begin to dance after the end of a romantic relationship, looking to fill a void.

Older women still frequent non-alcoholic venues, but they usually dance with much older men. The women at dance venues aren’t always lookers, but less than 10% of the women at my dance venues are overweight (always go to venues where young girls are. And I know these girls are getting a good workout, because I know I am too.

It’s kind of funny to watch 50 year old men pick up women in their 30’s, but for all I know I’ll be doing the same thing someday. Compared to most bars and clubs, dancing venues blow away the competition in terms of quality. A man doesn’t need to be a professional dancer to benefit from dancing. As he improves his dance skills, his ability to pull will also improve. It’s so easy to maintain and make a habit out of, that it leaves lot of free time open for a man to pursue his own interests outside of getting laid, which in turn keeps the game from becoming stale.

Because dancing is like a conversation, not a carnal act. I know there are plenty of extremely successful dance partner/romantic partner relationships out there, but I personally would go insane.

You can talk to anyone you damn please and people aren’t going to ask you if there’s “something going on between you two.” "But you two have great chemistry! Which is why we are To me, that is the case for why people who ARE romantically involved should NOT be dance partners. I also think this points to some people’s belief that men and women cannot be “just friends.” I’m here to tell you, they can.

Forward to : Maybe he’s just a beta at heart who doesn’t really try to get laid very often. Thus the women who tend to partner dancing scenes usually are the adventurous, free-spirited types that do things solo. E.g.: With those skills this black dude could smash more white birds than most white dudes ever could.

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