Dating browning shotguns


I have trying to find out the approximate year it was manufactured and the value of the shotgun. Hi Ya'll, Tracked my old ex (sold it to my bro in-law) Citori was older then I had remembered. Odd thing is it a 143 which is not listed as a model. All I can find is the number 24669 under the release lever, when I took the barrel off, the same numbers are on the inside of all the levers and the barrel, I would like to find out more on the year and grade of this gun. This gun also has a screwon the front wood that I have not seen on any others and the screws are engraved as well. Louis & Montreal 68S over 783XX Light Twelve------------- St. I've seen listings for Belgium made Auto-5's (16 ga) for 0 and some for 1200-4000 and I can't see how they're different. I have a Browning 16ga serial number A7378 that is in excellent shape. Thanks, Bryan Please help me figure out the code on my Citori 20 gauge. If the first serial number in 1939 was 237,001 is it safe to assume that the gun was most likely made around 1910 or so? According to Browning, the barrel stamp indicates that it was among the first 10,000 shipped to the US.Model 11s are worth about half what A5s are (at best) and the parts are not interchangeable.Back to A5s..about 1953, Browning brought about "product ID codes" that consisted basically of a letter before a #.I shoot at my club a little and hunt a lot if ya know what I mean.

Blue Book of Airgun Values Online Subscription The Blue Book of Airguns is available as a stand-alone online subscription or as part of the popular Three-Pack Firearm subscription that also includes access to the Blue Book of Gun Values and Blue Book of Modern Black Powder Arms databases. 3" Gr.6 Superlight A83=.410 3" Gr.1 Superlight M83=.410 3" Gr.3 Superlight F83=.410 3" Gr.6 Superlight B13=12 ga. 2 3/4" Golden Clays Special Trap (adj comb) T93=12 ga. The production of the Citori over/under shotgun began in 1973. It has gone through many configurations in the years and is currently still in production. Louis & Montreal 1G over 307XX I have a Browning Auto 5 16 ga, but I'm confused about the value. 1931, 1933, etc.) The condition is good with much of the original bluing still present, though worn.

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