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Takai’s daughter was taken from the Hamam to her family’s house in the afternoon, to the accompaniment of fireworks, and was received at her entrance amidst burning incense and drumming until she entered her room.

During this time, Takai’s family offered tea and cookies to guests, while women awaited her appearance.

The culture of Yemen has an ancient history, influenced by Islam.

Two years ago, that same foundation organized a mass wedding that was the largest at the time and was funded by the late Saudi Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz.

The phenomenon of mass weddings is spreading in Yemen.

In October, a mass wedding involving 4,000 brides and grooms took place in Sanaa, without intermixing; the brides and grooms were kept in separate halls, and no camera phones were allowed.

The weddings involve traditional clothing, knives and guns, which sometime kill people — as happened in Ibb province in September, when a tribal sheikh was killed by celebratory gunfire.

That incident resulted in the signing of a popular document criminalizing shooting at weddings.

Yemeni weddings are considered to be distinctly social occasions, featuring singing, fashion, banquets, and emotional speeches.

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