Dating graflex

Another great thing about your camera is the focal plane shutter.This gives you the opportunity to use almost anything that focuses an image within the distance range of your bellows as a lens.When the mirror is up, the curtain with the slit will pass along the film surface to expose.The diaphragm has to be manually re-cocked before each exposure.

In August of 2003, I bought this Baby Pacemaker Speed Graphic, which takes 3x4" film.

It came complete with several film holders and a flash.

Later on, I found the original case for it at an auction.

Wide open it's f/3 and very blurry on the edges, and stopped down to about a 1/8" hole is pretty sharp; a great portrait lens.

The curtain shutter lets you time the exposures for lenses that don't have integrated shutters. I checked-out, which is a great site, but unless I missed something, the only dating info they supply is based on the serial number of the lens, presuming the original lens is still on the camera. The reason I mentioned that my RF is a Kalart, is because some Graphics came with Hugo Meyer RF's ,which can approximate a vintage...

Are there any on-lline resources for dating Graphic press cameras ?

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