Dating profile what you39re looking for


It’s not easy to get a woman’s attention in a first email. So in order to actually meet someone if your profile doesn’t catch the eyes of women when they search for men, you’ll have to put in a lot of time and effort.We like to make things easier for ourselves online.Images of you having fun are ideal, because it shows potential mates the good time they will have if they hang out with you. You’re going to be spending a lot of them alone with a profile like yours. ” And what do you think everyone else is looking for? If you are experienced enough in love to understand what you absolutely hate in relationships, that’s great, but don’t rant about your dating pet peeves in your online profile.Your Profile Is Exhausting to Read Online daters aren’t looking for a complete explanation of your life’s philosophy. That will make you seem more like a bitter reject than someone hoping to make a connection with other daters.More often than not, it just means that you aren’t putting your best foot forward.

You answered all of the probing, personal questions. You even included a snazzy picture of you in the shirt that makes you look good.

Instead of trying to describe your life in words, why not choose a picture that shows you smiling as you enjoy one of your favourite hobbies?

When it’s time to write your “about me” text, embrace the art of storytelling and paint a picture that he wants to get involved in.

However, as I discovered over my time dating online, not everyone was looking for the same thing and this initially caused me confusion and later frustration when I would feel like I had wasted time.

It becomes clear that discussing the type of relationship you are looking for is important…but when should we discuss this?

The bad news is, if most single men over 60 won’t read your dating profile, how can you get their attention? To help you to maximize your chances of finding someone special, I sat down with Lisa to discuss how to create a perfect dating profile, starting with the most important component – your picture.

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