Depredating goose eggs


Specific “Depredation Orders” have been developed that allow landowners to remove Canada geese at airports, in agricultural area, and in other areas where they are causing conflicts with human populations.One of these depredation orders, the Nest and Egg Depredation Order, allows landowners to destroy resident Canada goose nests and eggs. No permit is required, but you must register with the USFWS in order to conduct this activity.There are three ways to properly manage egg depredation: It is suggested that, in the interest of humane treatment, these techniques be performed as early in incubation as possible.Ohio Geese Control will work with our clients to get the necessary permits, manage eggs and record number of eggs for proper recording.A Web site has been developed specifically for this purpose (registration process), and provides additional information on the program.The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF) and the U. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services Program are continuing to work together to offer Virginia farmers this important tool to manage problems caused by Resident Canada geese.New Jersey is a population center located between the metropolitan areas of New York City and Philadelphia.With more and more development shrinking the habitat for wildlife, agriculture is increasingly being impacted by wildlife damage, from every type of animal, such as deer, bears and birds.

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It is always preferred, and necessary, to implement other harassment techniques to try and remove the Canada geese naturally from a location before egg depredation is incorporated into your Canada geese control program.The Agricultural Depredation Order is somewhat different in that it is administered by the state agencies and state authorization is required to conduct this control.Removing a nest (prior to eggs) forces breeding geese to relocate to an undisturbed area, build a new nest, or nest later in the season.Our Migratory Bird Specialists are experts at recognizing nesting locations and managing the area within all government regulations.Egg depredation is the act of plundering an egg so that it will not go through the incubation process.The United States Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services provides Federal leadership and expertise to resolve wildlife conflicts and create a balance that allows people and wildlife to coexist peacefully.

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