Diary of a dating diva

Fat jokes, potty humor and raunchy gags abound in her celebrity-driven shtick, which picks on the same (mostly female) targets, old and new: Anne Hathaway, Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, Kirstie Alley and Barbara Streisand are all on the receiving end of her judgment. I used to lend him my clothes for special occasions.While some of her antics still zing, most of the routine here, which relies less on her wit than pure provocation, falls flat. He looked especially fetching in a simple summer shift with matching cloche and open-toed-shoes”).Anais Nin, Anne Frank and Sylvia Plath wrote the world’s most famous diaries. Starting With Me, the unstoppable Joan Rivers is at it again. Follow Joan on a family vacation in Mexico and on trips between New York and Los Angeles where she mingles with the stars, never missing a beat as she delivers blistering critiques on current events, and excoriating insights about life, pop culture, and celebrities (from A to D list), all in her relentlessly funny signature style. For the first time in a century, a diary by someone that’s actually worth reading. But the world’s OTHER great diarist, Joan Rivers, is alive and kicking. In the extraordinary tradition of The Habit of Being: Letters of Flannery O’Connor and George Orwell’s Diaries, comes an Anais Nin, Anne Frank and Sylvia Plath wrote the world’s most famous diaries. Now in paperback, following up the phenomenal success of her headline-making New York Times bestseller I Hate Everyone... A no-holds-barred, delightfully vicious and always hilarious look at the everyday life of the ultimate diva.

While no topic is too taboo, the term "politically incorrect" undermines how far she's willing to go in her faux-bigoted act.Continue Reading Gather your friends, your honey-do list and refreshing Coca Cola for an outdoor home improvement party and picnic!Around here it’s summertime which means it’s time to tackle those BIG outdoor home improvement projects.I turned thirty and it was the best year of my life. If you don’t know what’s going on after a while, sit down and ask.I met great people; I met my boyfriend; I got a book deal. It’s an awkward conversation and people feel put on the spot, but its ok.The BEST Gift For Your Spouse My husband comes home every day from a long workday, I'm sure he's hoping for a good ten minutes of peace and quiet to unwind. Continue Reading A Date for Your Road Trip Do any of you have a ROAD TRIP coming up in the near future? This past summer, we relocated to gorgeous Northern Cali for three blissful months - from HOT Vegas. With SO much quality time together, I thought this would be the perfect time to throw together an...

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