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Major chat apps were also eager to do their part in the voter registration effort.

Snapchat was by far the most active platform, offering extensive election news coverage, ads and content from the candidates, plus the opportunity to register — prompting some in the media to call 2016 “the Snapchat election.” A variety of other chat apps such as Facebook Messenger, Kik, Viber and LINE also dipped their toes in the election waters — experimenting with chatbots, stickers and collaborations with news companies to engage and sign up young voters.

Gender segregated groups completed questionnaires on issues of phone ownership, parental interaction and girl/boy communications.

In the small world of politics and media Twitter, one of a few tropes emerged this year: astonishment -- isolated and seemingly brand-new each time -- when woman-centered outlets published high-quality political reporting and opinion pieces.

For Sky it's all about Survival, but for the vicious boy from 2 it's about Victory. Cato/OCA chance meeting for Harry sets him on a path he wasn't meant to travel.

It also launched a “Find Your Polling Place” Google Maps integration that was prominently displayed on Election Day.

They’re helmed by people who wouldn’t normally see their experiences depicted on the pages of papers of record.

They’re also answering to an audience of women, especially young women and women of color, by finding ways to inject otherwise untold perspectives into the political discourse.

What (mostly male) critics fail to recognize is that their reasons for dismissing women’s magazines actually form the foundation of those publications’ success.

Magazines created by and for women audiences -- not to mention exclusively online outlets like Broadly, Refinery 29, The Establishment, and Jezebel -- inherently do things differently, and that’s their strength.

While Facebook was historically reluctant to see itself as a media or news company, Snapchat openly pursued the mantle of media powerhouse from early on.

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