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So for this one, grab a budget-friendly ukulele or two and your laptop for You Tube instructions and favorite songs. Whether you define your couple-ness by the quiet times together, the wild nights out, or the fun nights in, focus on what makes you both happy together.Ukuleles are incredibly easy to learn and with them you can play many pop and country songs. In an article for the New York Post, world-renowned sex therapist Dr.Ruth Westheimer states her belief that college is a time for young people to experiment and discover themselves, and living in the same dorm with a significant other can hinder this experience.“It was really important that we found other activities.

Obnoxiously bright comforters with a million printed photos on the wall next to the bed? Go ahead and walk through a million of these rooms and the majority of them will look mostly the same, meaning bright colors and crap from Target strewn everywhere.Whether it’s the cute soccer player one floor up, the musician down the hall, or the gorgeous art major two doors down, the college dorms are teeming with all kinds of hotties. Living so close to people of the opposite sex can prove unbelievably distracting, and there can be a lot of sexual tension.But is it wise to tap into this fresh, new market and commit what people are calling, “dormcest”?For starters, anything that doesn't belong in a dorm room is basically a sign that she's either a stage five clinger or will end up being one of the crazy ones, and I don't mean in bed. As for everything else, it's a fucking dorm room.By “doesn't belong in a dorm room”, I mean stuff that's too expensive to be wasted sitting in one. You're probably going to barf on your sheets at least once this year, why in the sake of all fucking fuck did you blow 0 on a comforter with ponies all over it?There's typically two types that girls use, posters and a giant collage of pictures of her friends that she printed out from Facebook. For one thing, most of the pictures she printed off of her profile are probably just random.

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