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The Brexit deal between the UK and the European Union should include an arrangement with all members that British expats should continue to receive health care in the country where they live, according to a new report.

Advertising and promotional posts are only allowed in this section of the forum and nowhere else. If you wish to post listings for any relevant product or service, you must first upgrade your account to a Premium one.The city ranks as one of the most expensive in the Gulf Region and was placed at 21st out of 209 cities around the world in the Mercer Cost of Living Survey for 2016, ranking as more expensive than the neighbouring emirate of Abu Dhabi.There are no taxes on salaries or wages in Dubai, and sales tax is, for the most part, minimal.Although prices have stabilised in recent months, the cost of accommodation in Dubai remains expensive.Landlords usually require rent to be paid upfront in advance for a year.In the past, many expats have been able to reconcile these costs by stipulating subsidies and allowances in their expat contract, but nowadays these perks aren't as easy to come by.

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