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Yes, coconut oil is almost 90 percent saturated fat, but not all sat fats are created equal.

“The saturated fat in coconut oil is mostly lauric acid, a medium-chain saturated fatty acid that appears to have a more neutral effect on heart health when compared to longer-chain saturated fats found in meats and dairy products,” says Wendy Bazilian, R. , especially for those who aim for aging gracefully.

The Fab 50 list is voted on by a panel of NCAA Division I coaches.

This year’s list features eight players from Texas, including seven from the Houston area: Taylor Bannister, Brooke Botkin, Brionne Butler, Cami May, Jaden Newsome, Yossiana Pressley and Avery Skinner.

Eating disorders in older women have increased by 42 per cent in the past 11 years — leading to all kinds of health problems such as osteoporosis, heart, liver, digestive and gastro-intestinal problems, not to mention depression.

I know at least half-a-dozen women over 50 with eating disorders, two of whom are showing signs of osteoporosis.

Mens’ style– like women’s– shouldn’t have an expiration date, and looking vital, modern, and well, hot, as an approaching boomer and beyond is something that should be accessible for everyone with a little know-how.

Can you give me some middle-aged men’s fashion advice on how to dress in an age-appropriate way without looking like a boring old fart… (50 Reasons to Stay Hot–Oak Park, IL) Dear 50 Reasons: I sorry to say that I really don’t get this great subdivide of clothing being considered for either the very young or for the wizened and bewildered.

So many readers, men and women, write in bemoaning that fashion is for the young and they feel over-the-hill at even 30 years of age.

Dear Sharon: I’m a middle-aged man on the cusp of 50 and it doesn’t take a fashion genius to see that many styles are meant for men half my age or younger.

While I have no desire to pretend that I’m still 25, I’m not ready to dress like my grandfather, either.

Sun garnered nearly 70 percent of the first-place votes for tops in the class.

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