Free pregnant video chat


Watch for a new enrichment item placed in the Stall today, courtesy of an April fan!

has dedicated this portion of the web site to fertility and maternity peer support.We have a new photo of mammary development in comments section.Today should yield additional yard time, as temperatures hover at safe levels and the rain as subsided.According to the same web site, the success rate of IVF treatment, "is improving rapidly." Those under the age of 35 with a, "29% increase," in successful pregnancies, "35 to 37 - 24 percent increase; 38 to 40 - 18 percent; Age 41 to 42 - 30 percent." Although the success rates increase, the price for treatment unfortunately does as well.A pregnant El Paso Army wife suffered a horrible attack on Wednesday while her deployed husband watched helplessly from video chat.There's only one more real drastic change we'll see in April -- and that's active labor, according to her keepers.

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