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Yesterday, officials said there had been no word from the pair, Aung Myint Myat and Wai Yan Min, since they reached the summit of the mountain on 31 August.Before starting their descent they called but said the battery on their satellite phone was low.Members of the association will also begin adding phones reported lost or stolen by customers to the international database starting today.Devices using other technologies, such as the CDMA technology used by Public Mobile's network, do not have an IMEI and cannot be included in the database. and other developed countries, though there may not be a way of tracing a phone that is shipped overseas.

At least 247 people have been confirmed dead and many are missing following a 6.2 magnitude earthquake which struck central Italy in the early hours of Wednesday morning. "It is expected for earthquakes of that size to occur there.

Over the last 2,000 years, more than 400 destructive earthquakes have been documented in Italy.

A controversial Burmese tycoon with close links to the country’s military establishment is leading the hunt for two climbers who have disappeared after scaling what has long been considered South East Asia’s highest mountain.

A later, more rapid radiation involved divergence with respect to microhabitat (i.e., soil preference).

Several sister species in the group show a parallel divergence in edaphic preference.

But although the heartbreaking photos of homeless families and individuals searching for lost loved ones may suggest otherwise, Italy suffers frequent lethal earthquakes."It's roughly of the same magnitude as previous earthquakes in the same regions," leading U. Not every decade nor every year, but there is definitely a potential."But why is Italy so prone to earthquakes?

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