How to make stranger girl ready for sex


Interestingly, not a single female responded in the affirmative when approached by an unknown male.

This study has been used as evidence of the evolutionary theory that males, driven by instinctual drives, are interested in spreading their seed far and wide and will engage in as many sexual encounters as possible.

You are going out with your friends to the club, hoping to get lucky.

You will be having a lot of fun, all the beautiful ladies falling into your arms.

(At least this is what we learned in Psyc 101.) The Clark and Hatfield study has been replicated in several different countries with similar results.

Our romantic culture generally consisted of hanging out with mates down the pub, doing some drinking, and then sort of somehow ending up with one of them and not really discussing the matter until six months in.

But with the ascent of online dating – which is reportedly now the way one in five relationships start – we have become a date-centric society, particularly in London where it seems that anyone who’s single is on Tinder.

In the Nineties and Noughties we had an influx of American programmes which told us that a) everyone was beautiful, b) everyone was dating all the time, and c) everyone was having it off all the time.

Friends, though still one of my favourite sitcoms, portrayed a world of non-stop pick-ups and constant conquests, with Joey’s ill treatment of the women he slept with being rich comedy fodder (a theme that became an even greater source of inspiration for the god-awful Barney in How I Met Your Mother).

We also seem to be increasingly taken in by dating propaganda from across the pond.

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