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Bullying is sustained by abdication of responsibility (denial, counter-accusation, pretence of victimhood) and perpetuated by a climate of fear, ignorance, indifference, silence, denial, disbelief, deception, evasion of accountability, tolerance and reward (eg promotion) for the bully."Where now at Bully On Line? Bullying and vulnerability Why have my colleagues deserted me?What's the difference between bullying and mobbing? Why grievance procedures are inappropriate for dealing with bullying The difference between bullying and management Facts, figures, surveys, costs of bullying | Cost of bullying to UK plc UK National Workplace Bullying Advice Line statistics Profile of the serial bully - who does this describe in your life?The measures exercised will depend on the outcome of a workplace investigation and the severity of the conduct.Some examples of threatening or intimidating behaviour include: Depending on the seriousness of the threatening, intimidating or aggressive conduct, as well as the surrounding circumstances, some instances of workplace bullying may be best dealt with by dismissal of the problem employee.There are numerous psychological tricks for dealing with intimidating people and I’m going to outline the most important ones below.

Find out what support you can get if you’re the victim of crime.You should contact your local neighbourhood policing team to report antisocial behaviour.There’s a different way to report antisocial behaviour in Scotland.If this doesn’t work, they can make a formal complaint using their employer’s grievance procedure.If this doesn’t work and they’re still being harassed, they can take legal action at an employment tribunal.A person who is content and has peace of mind is very unlikely to project anger and bitterness on a regular basis.

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