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They weren’t doing anything and they are 17.” How do I talk to a teen rationally about this? I think at one point I saw Jesus and asked for help because I’m gonna need it. Do you allow your teen to sleep over their boyfriend/girlfriend’s homes? I need someone to please help me understand this or at least help me make my daughter understand. We created the Raising Teens blog so parents of teens would have a friendly place to discuss their challenges and triumphs.My daughter would not let go of the fact that there is nothing wrong with the sleepover and that it’s not wrong. I did explain to her that sometimes in life, just because we don’t think it’s not inappropriate or wrong, doesn’t mean it isn’t. That same day my husband called my daughter’s boyfriend’s dad and told him that she was not allowed to sleep over and unless he hears it from us, don’t believe it it is okay with us. These teens now a days have found a way to basically make everything a battle. Join us in the conversation as we ride through the turbulent teen years together.While she waits for people to pick their jaws up off the floor, she explains the benefits of marrying someone old enough to be her dad.

I knew arguing at this time of night wasn’t going to get me anywhere so I said we would talk about this in the morning Next morning comes around and like I suspected she stayed at her boyfriend’s house!

Despite the strong language, this is a compelling, diversely cast thriller for middle schoolers and up who are interested in space travel, science, technology, and, of course, science-fiction.

" /A tribute to the triumphs of science, teamwork, and the human spirit.

"He appreciates my point of view and values my opinion as much as I do his.

Plus, his boyish personality helps me be more relaxed and better enjoy the funnier things in life.

The characters are racially diverse and include strong women, although the gender split is less even than the ethnic/racial diversity.

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