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The tennis pro has been rumored to have dated rapper, Drake, 30.

She’s also reportedly dated Reddit co-founder, Alexis Ohanian, 33.

The world’s greatest female tennis player “said yes” to Alexis Ohanian, 33, the co-founder of Reddit when he got “down on one knee,” recently! 28, in the form of a romantic poem on her hubby-to-be’s popular social media and discussion website. Right now, we’re going to take you down memory lane, so you guys can get the full story on how these lovebirds came about! During the sporty date he allegedly “called her babe and they held hands.” The rest was obviously history after that…

2015: Serena and Alexis reportedly “met at a lunch” sometime in 2015, before Oct., according to , Dec. We’re thinking their first meeting could have been in Rome, since Serena revealed that their “stars first collided” in the Italian city, when she announced their engagement, Dec. 2016: After some social media tag, with Serena and Alexis uploading Instagram posts and tweets about each other once in a while, the two remained out of the spotlight for quite some time.

Serena said when she arrived home “late” one day and Alexis had a bag packed for her, with a carriage waiting to take them to Rome.

Alexis brought Serena to the very same table they met, and that’s where the magic happened! 2017: Well, skipping ahead to the future, the couple is reportedly hoping for their wedding day to be in “about a year,” a source told So, it looks like Serena and Alexis could tie the knot in a lavish winter wedding in 2017! Yes, we know their romance timeline is a short one. Not to mention, Serena and Alexis have always remained very private and tight-lipped about their adorable romance. We’re looking forward to pure joy from the couple and wedding bliss in 2017. Hollywood Lifers, did you know Serena and Alexis’ history?!

"I hated my arms," she admits about having to go to the gym when she first started competing professionally.

He posted a photo of her, July 9, with the caption, “ I see you, @serenawilliams. But, they gave us the shock of a lifetime when Serena revealed to the world that Alexis got “down on one knee” and proposed to her in Rome, in a fairytale poem she wrote on Reddit.

Serena says that despite her tough appearance, she is in fact, very vulnerable in real-life.

"I wanted them to look soft." Still, when it comes to tennis, Serena is all about focus. ' Well, I am human." Besides being fierce competitors, Serena and Caroline, both single, also give the magazine a taste of how they are during a night out on the town. I don't talk to guys," Serena, who once dated rapper Common, surprisingly says.

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Maintaining a private personal life, Serena Williams rarely shares her dating history or past relationships.

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