Is the nostalgia chick dating todd

Mike Michaud, Mike Ellis and Bhargav Dronamraju created Channel Awesome after they were laid off from Circuit City in 2007.

They are joined with their Chez Apocalypse co-founders Antonella “Nella” Inserra, co-producer of “Booze Your Own Adventure” and professional BFF, and Elisa Hansen, host of Vampire Reviews as Maven of the Eventide, a comedic analysis of vampires in media and pop culture.Channel Awesome operated the That Guy with the Glasses website (often abbreviated TGWTG) until late 2014, when it was replaced by the current Channel Awesome website.That Guy with the Glasses previously hosted fellow channels by Bar Fiesta beginning in November 2009, Blistered Thumbs beginning in November 2010.Well with the subtle hints that the three of them are putting out in their latest reviews, it might as well be a love triangle x D Thank you ^^ I'm glad you see it that way, I always try to make sure the expressions are just enough to show how the characters feel. There was a video uploaded yesterday with Todd, NChick, and Lupa reviewing something all together. I know and understand I'm still a tyro in terms of understanding the complexity that is Channel Awesome, but how did I miss Todd in the Shadows & the Nostalgia Chick dating? Nostalgia Critic was sitting at a booth in a pizza parlor.

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