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took an interview of one of the friends of Julia Allison who was a bridesmaid in Julia’s wedding.My friend Alice likes to say that we're living in the Too Much Information Age, and you don't have to look further than any breakup between any two people who both have blogs to understand what she means by that.We are the Naked Generation, as I like to call it, the ones who snicker at the fact that Britney Spears' outfit at her was embarrassingly revealing but nod in quiet accordance at her ability to keep the world fascinated.We change the channel when reruns of The Simple Life show up on the E!For example, this week will be worse than last week.I am not capable of giving you what you deserve in a relationship, even an "alternative" relationship, so, we should stop seeing each other.In this regard, today we are going to talk about former BRAVO star Julia Alison who has shocked everyone with her wedding to herself.Caption: Julia Allison’s invitation to her wedding to herself(2014) The wedding was very unconventional where tutus were provided.

But the former dating columnist wasn't exaggerating.

Source: From 2000-2010, Julia Allison has been in a relationship several times. David is a television personality, an author, publisher, and businessman.

Right after separating with David, Julia was in a relationship with Jakob Lodwick (2007). And from 2009-2010, Julia was found dating Jay Cutler. Caption: In picture Harold Ford Jr(Top Left), Jakob Lodwick(Top Right), Jay Cutler(Bottom Left) and David Zinczenko(Bottom Right).

Jake Lodwick (born July 25, 1981) is a software engineer, serial entrepreneur and investor, best known as co-founder of Vimeo.

Lodwick was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland and attended college at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

While you are searching for you perfect soul mate, you can hurt many people who love you.

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