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Single click on the phrase to hear the Mandarin Chinese pronunciation spoken by a native Mandarin Chinese speaker.

Spices Restaurant and Bar invites guests to a world of authentic Asian flavours and aromas.

Eventually the need for practical communication kicks in.

This list of Mandarin Chinese love vocabulary will help.

Our one-to-one Chinese lessons can be tailor-made for each adult learner to meet his or her specific needs and pace of learning.

Whether you want to do business in China, travel to China, improve your speaking, or prepare for a Chinese exam, we guarantee that you can learn Chinese that is catered to your needs!

However, another theory proposed that "pomelo" is an alteration of a compound of English names pome ("apple") melon. In large parts of South East Asia, it is a popular dessert, often eaten raw sprinkled with, or dipped in, a salt mixture. The fruit is usually pale green to yellow when ripe, with sweet white (or, more rarely, pink or red) flesh, and a very thick albedo (rind pith).

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