Mandating health insurance


Contact your local representative and ask them to introduce legislation to require infertility treatment coverage.

With fewer and fewer employers providing family and individual health insurance for their employees, many are turning to private health insurance solutions.

and allows for-profit companies to compete for minimum coverage insurance plans, though there are also mutual insurers so use of a commercial for-profit insurer is not compulsory.

The government regulates the insurers and operates a risk equalization mechanism to subsidize insurers that insure relatively more expensive customers.

Each state separately regulates how individual policies may be marketed and sold. In almost every state, individual health insurance coverage can be purchased through licensed health insurance salespeople known as agents or brokers.

Independent agents and brokers sell insurance plans from many health insurance companies, and they can help you find the coverage that best suits your individual needs.

For more than 30 years, state legislatures have passed laws driving the cost of health insurance higher.

Known as mandated health insurance benefit laws, they force insurers, employers and managed care companies to cover - or at least offer - specific providers or procedures not usually included in basic health care plans.

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The cost of health care in the Netherlands is higher than the European average but is less than in the United States.

That helps keep premiums to around 0 a month for the average Japanese family." Voluntary private insurance is available through several sources including employers and unions to cover expenditures not covered by statutory insurance, but this accounts for only about 2% of health care spending.

In practice, doctors will not deny care to patients in the low-priced universal system because they make up the great majority of patients nationwide, and doctors would not be able to earn enough by serving only the small number of patients with private insurance.

Australia's national health insurance program is known as Medicare, and is financed by general taxation including a Medicare levy on earnings; use of Medicare is not compulsory and those who purchase private health insurance get a government-funded rebate on premiums.

Japan has a universal health care system that mandates all residents have health insurance, either at work or through a local community-based insurer, but does not impose penalties on individuals for not having insurance.

Agents and brokers also provide service on the policies they have sold, and can help you process claims or with anything else you need regarding your policy.

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