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This chapter explains as much as the author knows about the antecedents of Alexander and Agnes Montgomery Mc Corkle; then proceeds to examine genealogy of their children. (defunct) pond toward the highway (the Newbern-Yorkville Highway, Highway 77), loosely in front of the little house (originally built in 1952 for my maiden aunt, Sarah Elisabeth BETH Huie. at Montgomery Bell State Park --John Edwin Mc Corkle Reunion.

The writer's (Marsha Cope Huie 's) direct ancestor happens to be their son ROBERT Mc Corkle (born mid-1760s and died in the spring of 1828); but all of Robert's siblings are listed and, it is hoped, their children as well. My daddy always told me the victim of gun violence buried in the pond was a Yankee renegade scaveging along the road. & he was a contemporary of my great-uncle Errett Cotton Mc Corkle, 1887-1976, and I know they used to meet and visit when each was working in Chicago; they were first cousins-once-removed, as IV. Their two daughters: Kathryn Huie, Vanderbilt graduate biologist, US Forest Service; Heather Huie Hatley, SMU grad living in Wisconsin; and son Jay Huie, Case Western Reserve U engineering graduate.

I remember my mom saved all of the news clippings and pictures. My house was right next to the convent, which was directly across the street from OLA.

Mary Morrison Morrison (who married her own Morrison 1st cousin); then finally Margaret Morrison Mc Corkle and her blind husband Robert Mc Corkle removed, with their living, grown children, to Dyer County, Tennessee, near the Gibson County Line and Yorkville The above hyperlink attempts to explain who Alexander Mc Corkle & wife "Nancy" Agnes Montgomery (Mc Corkle) were: Scots-Irish immigrants from Northern Ireland to, first, Pennsylvania, down the Great Wagon Road to Virginia, then to the Piedmont of North Carolina (Rowan County, a part of which was carved off in 1788 as Iredell County). What happened to descendants of Robert Anderson of Holmes County, Mississippi (Mizpah Cemetery)? a Williams woman--each removed from Gibson-Dyer County, Tennessee, where their parents had finally settled down to Hardeman County, Tennessee. Dona was born to Uncle Dave a k a David Crockett Headen and Notie was born to Winfield Scott Headden.

Clara lived on Thomas Street at the time of the fire along with her parents Philip and Jessie Di Maso and, sister Rose Marie. I do not remember their names, but I would like to thank them for getting me home safely. I remember hearing the sirens and seeing the fire trucks, police cars, and ambulances all going very fast, westbound on Chicago Avenue.

Luckily, my babysitter who walked me to and from school made it out of the fire ok and came to get me to walk me home along with a friend of hers.

He was born July 3, 1945, in San Diego, Calif., to Nave Junior and Nancy Alice (Casteel) Abbiss. Eddie served in the US Air Force during the Viet Nam conflict. Eddie was a member of First Christian Church, in Wewoka. She is survived by four grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

Willie Williams officiating, and interment to follow at Oakwood Cemetery. 24, 1968, in Wewoka, and to this marriage two children were born. They moved to Seminole 31 years ago from Del City to become cattle ranchers.

at Swearingen Funeral Home Chapel, in Seminole, with Rev.

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