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when i try to retrieve the datakey values the application throws an error saying the object reference is not set.

why do the values dissappear from the Datakey Collection and how can i stop it?

Its definitely calling Item Updating, but thats it.

Do I need something additional to fire Item Updated?

i have set the datakeynames values for the formview .......

I'm not sure why you can't retrieve the Data Key value.

Hi I have 2 update buttons in my Form View ('Apply' and 'OK').

I want both buttons to update the data source but the 'OK' button should redirect afterwards.

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NET 4.0 (Web Forms) A snippet of code that I believe to be relevant below: The problem is that if I want to handle the old values, I canĀ“t: this, evaluates to 0: int old Values Count = e. Count; and this, evaluates to null, even if I alter the value to a new one: string company Name Old = e.The grid view is usedto show rows in the DB and when clicked to edit each row, a form view opens up in edit mode with that particular row info. My first question mandatory to have smth in the itemtemplate of the form view.I have controls in edititemtemplate and insertitemtemplate.We can register the scritp in the certain update button's update server event handler.Since the client-side code will be executed after the page is rendering to client, all the server-side code will be executed as normal. And for client-side redirection, you can use window.= "new url" to do the work. Sincerely, Steven Cheng Microsoft MSDN Online Support Lead This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights. I'm not sure this will work for me as I may wish to use Server. I have discovered a more alarming problem with the Server-side redirect however: The exception thrown in the Object Data Source Inserted event does not stop the redirect in the Form View Item Inserted event. protected void ods Account_Inserted(object sender, Object Data Source Status Event Args e) // this still runs protected void fv Account_Item Inserted(object sender, Form View Inserted Event Args e) I find this very odd.I can see which button is clicked in the Item Command event but I can't redirect from here because the Item Updated event hasn't fired yet.

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