Many women were left wondering why they didn’t receive their invites.

There’s been all KINDS of rumors surrounding Rob Kardashian, especially after his reported split from fiance Blac Chyna.

It is based on the premise that analysis of these three swipes will be more accurate than other apps which create matches by, for instance, asking questions about our hobbies.

Unfortunately, it makes this quite difficult when creating a profile.

Anyone recall “Flavor of Love” with Flava Flav or “For the Love of Ray J” starring Ray J?


Long Story is an episodic dating and adventure sim about love, romance, relationships and mystery.I’m actually NOT buying this dating show bit, and here’s why.First of all - if there’s a lesson we can all learn from Rob’s last spinoff reality show, Rob and Chyna, it’s that TV and new relationships just don’t work out well. Plus, I highly doubt Rob is ready for whole new TV show when his current one was just suspended. While we’re all thinking this couple is done for good, she’s still holding on.But is Rob REALLY going to be the star of a new dating reality show. Kris has been in talks with TV execs about a show called ‘Rob’s Romance,’” the insider revealed. It’ll have a similar vibe to the bachelor in that Rob will go on dates with a variety of women in the hopes of finding the one. The dates will be a little different than the lavish ones we see on The Bachelor.“Some girls will be taken to fast food restaurants like taco bell or burger king,” the source added.Unlike with other apps where you can happily nick a catchy bio off the internet and load your favourite filtered summer snaps, your only info on ENTWINE is these 3 photos.

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