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Throughout the storied isles of Greece some 400 lie in the Aegean and Ionian Seas and account for a fifth of the nations area the white of house and church glints against the blue of sky, and men go down to the sea for sponges and fish.This seafaring tradition gives Greece the worlds largest merchant tonnage more than half of it registered under foreign flags for tax reasons.Dr Catherine Doyle, clinical lead for medicines management at NHS Warrington Clinical Commissioning Group, said: "Our NHS needs everyone to work together to make sure only medicines that are needed are requested.

During this time, a tradition of democracy was ushered in.

In the past 25 years, Greece has witnessed significant economic development, but on the few fertile plains and many rocky slopes of this tip of the Balkan Peninsula, farmers herd sheep or tend olive groves, wheat fields, and vineyards, as did their ancestors for thousands of years.

Each province preserves its traditional costume, brightening the festivals held in the small, square-dominated villages.

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During the Bronze Age (30001200 BC) a maritime civilization flourished.

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