Pro athletes dating white women Sex text chat unmoderated

You’ll roll over, thrust the pillow over your head and curse under your breath for having woken up to his earsplitting motions as he wrestles for his practice clothes and slams bathrooms drawers for toothpaste.As agonizing as it is, you respect the fact that your man wakes early every morning to face a coach ready to berate the team for last night’s loss.In February 2011, Baver reportedly had a fling with (now) Lakers big man Dwight Howard. Baver is definitely in the twilight of her career as an athlete at age 32.In the past our society has noted this behavior as a deep rooted self hate and an ill-advised theory of white superiority.After all, you spent the entire day before coaching him through plays, stretching him and applying Icy Hot.Thus, dating an athlete teaches you discipline in its simplest form.Apply all that you’ve learned to the rest of your daily and dating life.Of course, this article will be null and void if you’re going after the guy for all the wrong reasons and fail to absorb the vitality of all that this man encompasses. Chances are if you’re the girlfriend of an athlete, you’ll be rolling over groaning as your boyfriend’s alarm goes off at am for practice.

If true (which I doubt) it is mind-numbing insanity. Again, I have no doubt interracial dating/marriage is an issue to some people.

Thankfully we as a people have advanced from simply categorizing these men as sell outs for chopping down Caucasian cakes. Over the years some African-American actors, musicians and athletes have made their taste in the ladies quite clear.

So we present 15 brothers of color who prefer white women.

I seriously doubt that it is the #1 issue among any people, white or black.

As if making piles of money playing sports for a living weren't amazing enough, so many professional athletes today are also A-List celebrities in their own right.

Now I am not saying some Black athletes are not with white women because there are some that are with white women but it is not the majority that are with them, especially in America from what I have heard.anonymous6: I am not against what you are saying however I am surprised you as a Black man is complaining about this.

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