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There is, however, still a degree of uncertainty about which came first—a spike in temperature or CO2.

In essence, when one goes up, the other one follows.

Therefore, high energy cosmic or solar events should simultaneously create excess Be deposition was apparently offset from trees by 6-7 years, with the ice core chronologies being too old.

These events, as well as tephra markers and historical records of dust veils, were used constrain and evaluate the dating of the ice cores and has led to the creation of a new dating scheme, NEEM NS1 (see figure 1).

We present here a more detailed and extended GS/GI template for the whole of the Last Glacial period.

It is based on a synchronization of the NGRIP, GRIP, and GISP2 ice-core records that allows the parallel analysis of all three records on a common time scale.

which compared the spacing between frost ring events (physical scarring of living growth rings by prolonged sub-zero temperatures) in the bristlecone pine tree ring chronology, and spacing between prominent acids in a suite of ice cores from both Greenland and Antarctica.

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