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An estate’s executor usually doesn't rubber-stamp a claim as soon as she receives it, but will typically set it aside for further review..

If she pays a debt that’s not legitimate, the laws in some states allow the estate’s beneficiaries to hold her personally responsible.

At this point, the company will have generated profits from the busy season, and will now be able to use those profits to repay the loans it took out to finance operations during the busy season.

Self-liquidating loans are not always a good credit choice.Debt Ratio Analysis Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR) The term “self-liquidating loans” is banker slang.It refers to a loan that is used to generate proceeds that are in turn used to repay the loan.Even the most frugal and disciplined people usually carry debt of some kind, whether it’s a mortgage, an auto loan, or a single credit card.Others have numerous credit cards and have signed for several personal loans.Since you will obtain the required collateral and income-producing instruments from the loan proceeds, your credit history does not matter.

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