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I then asked if it was possible to expedite authorized user / employee cards.

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Some of these acronym meanings are very direct and a little shocking. 143, 459 or ILU: I love you1174: Invited to a wild party420: Marijuana GNOC: Get Naked On Cam GYPO: Get Your Pants Off AMEZRU: I Am Easy, Are You?

I was approved for the AMEX Business Platinum Card on Tuesday morning and I needed to make a large purchase by today (December 12), so I needed my new card to come right away.

I spoke with AMEX and asked them to expedite the card to me, but I was told that they couldn’t expedite new cards.

Sometimes it feels like parents and teens don’t speak the same language.

When it comes to texting, chatting and emailing, that's literally true.

If you've looked at any teen's communications, you'll see them sprinkled with acronyms and shorthand that make no sense.

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