Sexy cyber chats

However, save for a few experts and those under 25 (often one in the same), the internet largely remains a mystery.

We check our emails, browse our Facebook, catch-up on the news, and perhaps procrastinate a little on You Tube.

You could feel guilty if the person you are having cyber sex with is not your usual partner, and if they find out they might feel very hurt.

Cyber sex might change your feelings towards yourself or the other person.

We turn to our laptops, tablets and cellphones for the kind of attention, stimulation and intimacy we crave. Divorce rates are increasing, infidelity stats are rising and social media is increasingly to blame; Facebook, as an example, is reportedly being cited in over 30% of divorce cases as the cause of the breakup.

More and more men and women are cheating, and much of the cheating starts -- or is being fueled -- online. Sure, it's easy to make excuses and deny what's happening by telling ourselves, How can you be sure that what you're doing is really innocent and harmless, or if you're slipping down the slippery slope toward emotional sex?

They offer us the kind of instant gratification and validation that's not always easy to get from our partners.

This post peers beneath the popular narratives surrounding Anonymous, and illuminate the inner workings of this very esoteric community. Indeed, attach the word ‘cyber’ to anything and it’s bound to attract some form of attention.

From cyberactivism through to cyberterrorism – such portmanteaus both scare and intrigue us.

However there are still risks involved and, as with any type of sexual activity, it is never ok for someone to coerce (pressure) you into anything sexual you don't want.

For much of the time it may seem no big deal, and many people enjoy cyber sex without any problems.

Woody Allen famously depicts his hapless criminal Virgil Starkwell locked in solitary confinement with an eager insurance salesman as in the 1969 mocumentary Take the Money and Run. Boring though it may be, insurance markets are incredibly important in helping society manage risks of all sorts.

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