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Traditionally, these teams have been small, closely-knit units within large organizations.Since corporate IT rarely, if ever, offered team chat as approved technology, each unit chose its own platform and used it under the Eric Karjaluoto Many use Slack or Skype; but, there’s no interoperability between these services.Those who’ve tried know just how impossible it is to link these disconnected conversations—until now!My name is Andrei – I run Sameroom, where we make chat interoperability easy.I’m excited to announce the integration of Mattermost with, allowing users of the open source Slack-alternative to connect to 21 different messengers, including Slack, Skype, and Hip Chat.

Using Hangouts to interact with groups or individuals on Skype (or vice versa) can be handy.With relay options (last group), you can make your Tube one-directional.Skype is definitely one of the most loved communication platforms today. It saves me a lot from phone bills, helps me send instant messages to my contacts, and I get to stay in touch with my friends!If you don't have a Hangouts group, here's how to create one: If you need a group for yourself only, add at least one other person, rename the group, then kick the person out.Once that's done, follow these steps: Once your Tube is active, you can fine-tune how your messages appear on either end, with posting options.This way, you'll be able to find data from your old Skype conversations with GMail search.

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