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by Joe Toreno The story of Stephen “t Witch” Boss and Allison Holker’s relationship reads like the plot of a “So You Think You Can Dance” number: Boy meets girl. We met there for the first time, but Allison doesn’t remember at all!

Boy and girl crush on each other but engage in an epic series of missed signals, which keeps them apart. A., where they gave us all the details on their oh-so-sweet love story. t Witch: It happened at the end of “SYTYCD” Season 7. Meanwhile, I had blond hair and piercings, so I’m not sure how you’d me, but that’s neither here nor there.

He might be chasing his idol, 17 year Viktor Nikiforov, but Viktor may be closer than he seems, as he too struggles to find his place in the world. Just a collection of random events within the Crystal Castle from the viewpoint of my Skeksis OC, skek Tah the Schemer. Mostly just drabbles of various things to explore the Dark Crystal world. He's the Note-Taker up until roughly 600 trine into the Skeksis reign.

After that, when I have the Gelfling Gathering set in my mind, he's the Schemer.

After his parents separated when he was 7, he split time between suburban Fort Worth and inner-city Dallas, where his father worked at a community center.

His family was poor, and shortly after Hurricane Katrina, 10 relatives from New Orleans temporarily came to live with him, his mother and his half-sister.

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Background: The world is divided into Alphas, Betas , Omegas and rarest, Gennderless.

The ­silhouette of Leon Bridges walks in slow motion down a ­darkened street under a faded marquee: leather shoes shined, slacks pressed, felt hat tilted at a rakish angle. Then he belts out: "Baby, baby, baby, I'm coming home."Leon Bridges: The Billboard Shoot This, the opening scene from the video for "Coming Home," was most people's first look at Bridges, a 25-year-old Fort Worth, Texas, native who sparked a furious bidding war shortly after a stream of the song premiered last fall on taste-making blog Gorilla Vs. Since then, he has become one of the most ballyhooed young soul singers in years, eliciting raves at South by Southwest and earning big synchs in i Tunes and Beats commercials.

Sam Cooke is the go-to comparison -- a standard that seems ridiculously high until you actually hear him sing."It's crazy -- I didn't grow up with any of this music," reflects Bridges during a rare schedule break at home in Dallas. It's not something that you can try to do -- it's who you are."Meet Leon Bridges, the Throwback Soul Star-to-Be Who Won SXSWA century ago, his effortlessness and out-of-nowhere ascent would've led people to suspect a crossroads pact with the devil a la blues legend Robert Johnson.

Nary an arrow from Cupid’s quiver has stung as much as the volleys launched by dating sites against each other.

While one side is armed with complex personality tests, its opponents call them “gimmicks” and “pseudo-scientific love formulas.” “No algorithm can pinpoint exactly what makes two people spark,” another proclaims.

t Witch: So she knew the interest was there on my part.

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