Sophos clients not updating


This will ensure that when I deploy SCEP from Config Mgr, Sophos will not forcefully install on the next reboot and undo my work.

Once that’s done I need to do some testing on some VMs.

This section lists new features and updates included in this and the preceding three releases of Sophos Endpoint Security and Control 10.3 Preview. A "this page has been blocked" pop-up message is displayed for an allowed page that has links to a website blocked by category (for example, Facebook, when blocked under the Personals and Dating category).

To view the list of fixed issues, go to Fixed and known issues. The threat data is now distributed as a supplement, which is updated independently from Endpoint Security and Control and allows for more frequent updates. It is not possible to protect Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012 computers that are in a workgroup from Sophos Enterprise Console 5.1 or later running on Windows Server 2008 or later.

See 10 reasons to use SUM For anyone having to update a distributed environment without having a SUM at each location there is one BIG problem.

Using a UNC share means that the clients will use Server Message Block (SMB) aka Common Internet File System (CIFS) The big problem with CIFS is that it is very chatty and does not like latency, both of which is a problem on a slow WAN link.

Has anyone else run across this problem or know why it is happening? That will "pre-populate" the update location & credentials before the endpoint communicates with the Enterprise Console.

Also FWIW, all Sophos endpoint licenses include standard 24/7/365 support via telephone and email.

I have Sophos Endpoint Security and Control, which includes Sophos Enterprise Console (SEC).

I'm currently running version 4.5 of SEC, which is an older version.

Regards, Dave Pomerleau Sophos Technical Support Right now, we recommend you disable your Sophos Update Manager by stopping the service on your update server, to avoid corrupting the endpoint updating mechanism.

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