Steps to christian dating


Using our heads and not just our hearts, we broke up because we felt it was God’s will.That night I went and hid in a dark, empty classroom and cried for three hours. If you are dating someone who doesn’t have a personal relationship with Christ, you are playing with fire. Don’t let the relationship progress to a physical point and then hope you can cut it off later. You need all the help you can get in today’s world. Do you depend on Him to meet your needs of love and security? If you can’t stand the person but have a great physical relationship, rethink the relationship. If one person is uncomfortable with any type of physical expression, don’t do it. Don’t push a date to do anything that makes him/her feel uncomfortable.

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Here are some steps you can take to become a person worth knowing and marrying.

This develops true intimacy with each other and with God.

Perhaps a better time for you as a couple might be just before you go to bed each night. Set aside time each day, or at least once a week, to read the Bible together.

This is more than becoming a Christian or going to church or Bible study. The alternative is that you try to make other people the center of your life, with a potential spouse your bull’s-eye.

Or worse, you could make you the center of your life, and you’re just too little to be God.

At the start of married life, couples typically can't imagine having to work to keep their love relationship alive.

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