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Admittedly, before I departed on my journey to Yindi, I was skeptical and maybe even a little anxious, but let me assure you, it is amazing!They have an extensive range of couples packages for you and your loved one.

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Called the Harbour City, with the world’s largest natural harbour, it has imposing views of the Pacific Ocean to the east and the Blue Mountains to the west. Numerous national parks, bays, inlets, beaches and rivers greet the eye.The conference will be held at Macquarie University’s city campus, 123 Pit Street, Sydney.The venue is in the heart of Sydney’s CBD shopping and dining precinct, a 15-minute walk away from the Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge, and historic Rocks area.Space, place, and romantic love are intimately entwined.Popular culture depicts particular locations and environments as “romantic”; romantic fantasies can be “escapist” or involve the “boy/girl/beloved next door”; and romantic relationships play out in a complex mix of physical and virtual settings.Dating and finding long-term relationships are as easy as falling off a log in the dynamic city of Sydney, Australia! ‘Sydneysiders,’ as you call yourselves, have an exciting milieu to explore.

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