Teen dating in 1950 scotland dating customs

Teenage dating nearly fifty years ago was very different from the social practices of today.Parents were much more aware of whom their children were dating and where they were going. Teenagers met potential dates either at school, church, youth groups, dances, sport clubs, or through their friends.

Most teenage dates happened on Saturday nights and were usually to the movies or a local dance.

In fact, some of the ways teenagers in the 1950s entertained themselves are similar to the ways of teenagers today.

Today, many advertisers aim their ads and products directly at teenagers, who carry quite a bit of spending power.

A local band played and we danced the afternoon away.

Youth club was an ideal opportunity to meet others in a supervised environment.

If you could introduce a teenager from the 1950s to a teenager living in the year 2104, the teenager from the '50s would probably be amazed at the wealth of entertainment options available to the modern teen.

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