Updating directx 10

March 13, 2013 - New Lesson, and Slight Reorganization I've rearranged some of the Metro tutorials to have a section that focuses on textures.There are three lessons in there right now: Adding Textures, Texture Sampling, and a new lesson on Multitexturing. December 14, 2012 - Downloading Solutions I've started adding links to each lesson that point to downloadable versions of each demo program.If your PC is still running Windows 7, you may be wondering if you should pull the trigger and install Windows 10.After all, it's a free upgrade until a year from now.The Direct X API collection grows larger every day by implementing new technologies, updating old ones and even replacing them.The main API, Direct3D, manages the 3D graphics no matter the platform (whether we talk about PC, Xbox or Windows phones).Next up I plan to add a section for model rendering for Direct X 11, 11.1 and 11.2.

For example, if software programmed using Direct3D requires pixel shaders and the video card on the user's computer does not support that feature, Direct3D will not emulate it, although it will compute and render the polygons and textures of the 3D models, albeit at a usually degraded quality and performance compared to the hardware equivalent.On Windows 7, that setting is in the Start menu, a place users expect it to be. (In fairness, Microsoft added a power icon to the Start screen in Windows 8.1.) Now that the Start menu's back on Windows 10, the shutdown setting is right back where it belongs and as easy to access as in Windows 7.On Windows 8, you have to swipe in from the right (on a touchscreen device) or point your mouse at the top right or bottom corners and bring up the Charms bar. I was never a fan of cluttering my desktop with Microsoft's "Gadget" widgets in Windows 7.Over the past year I've been gone a little longer than usual.I've been working on other projects, but I also had to deal with a personal situation which required more of my time than I liked. I'm actually in the middle of writing the Windows Phone lessons right now, and I definitely will be updating the entire tutorial for the eventual Direct X 12 release.In other news, I've been working on a new section on particle systems for the Direct X 11 tutorial. I haven't finished them all, but I'll definitely have all the Direct X 11 and 11.1 lessons done soon. I've got a long list of tutorials to add to this site, but I need to know what to do first.

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