Updating macafee detection signature

Note that most of current anti-virus software updates automatically via the Internet.

The ability to detect heuristically or generically is significant, given that most scanners now include in excess of 250k signatures and the number of new viruses being discovered continues to increase dramatically year after year.Depending on the antivirus vendor, a signature may be referred to as a signature, a definition file, or a DAT file.A single signature may be consistent with a large number of viruses.This allows the scanner to detect a brand new virus it has never even seen before.This ability is commonly referred to as either heuristics or generic detection.It is not available as a standalone package, but is included in Mc Afee Virus Scan Plus (for Windows), Virus Scan for Mac, or as part of Mc Afee Internet Security (for Windows) or Mc Afee Internet Security for Mac.

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