Wall street dating coach

The website showcased the hottest bachelors and bachelorettes as voted on by the members of the site.Everyone now had the chance to meet their Dream Bachelor or Bachelorette without going on a reality TV show.

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But if you’re hoping for instant results, you’d better think twice before handing your hard-earned cash to Chris Manak.

About 1.4 million people in the US have a "top secret" security clearance.

But what happens when an attractive man or woman friends them on Facebook, asking for career advice and wondering what they’re working on?

He started by crafting a Linked In profile for a defense industry recruiter with the help of a headhunter friend.

He then found a Linked In group for people with top secret security clearances that now has more than 9,500 members.

But he says his services are needed in a culture that has failed to educate men about how to behave around women.

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